Bringing people together, encouraging, brainstorming, making music, and trying out new things – that's what makes me happy.


Photography and film

ieffects ag

March 2022 - today

So here I am, having landed in this new place. It’s amazing how quickly things happen and new worlds open up. Among the 20 employees, mainly ETH computer science engineers, I stand out as a marketing person, somewhat of an exotic presence. Fortunately, I am not entirely unfamiliar with the field of computer science, and I’m able to transform dry facts into true emotions. I am proud of our new appearance that reflects the company’s competence in a high-quality manner – here in the Project Office in Zurich, the art of programming is well understood.

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ieffects Igeho Ad: Conception, sound and production

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Otto Fischer AG

2001 - February 2022

During my professional career as Head of Communications, I shaped and influenced the corporate identity and corporate design. The online store is popular and legendary in the industry for its very high proportion of online orders. From the early beginnings, I was involved in the development. The digital world is very dear to my heart, and I had the opportunity to fully contribute my enthusiasm and inventive spirit along with an 8-member creative team.

Founded in 1899, Otto Fischer employs around 300 people and supplies the electrical installation industry with products and services throughout Switzerland.


2009 - August 2021

We were a cornerstone in a fairly conservative industry with the eco2friendly program. The goal is to make Switzerland cleaner and more independent in terms of energy with smart electricity solutions. As a co-founder, I was responsible for the concept and communication.

eco2friendly is a non-profit electricity efficiency program, which was collaboratively founded in 2009 in the Swiss electrical installation industry by Otto Fischer in Zurich, along with over 40 other partner companies.

Conception, sound and editing

Conception, sound and editing

Glückspark Switzerland

2019 - today

Together with my wife Nadja, the idea and brand Glückspark was conceived. In a voluntary project collaboration with Strüby Holzbau AG and Switzerland Innovation, this idea was developed for a specific construction project. Unfortunately, the building land was not approved, so Glückspark is waiting for the next village to realize it.

Glückspark aims to rethink, shape, and strengthen the identity of a region or community with a multi-generational project. The well-being of people, a sense of togetherness, and a grandchild-friendly implementation are at the heart of this project – a solution free from profit-oriented investors.

Build Smart

2020 - February 2022

The Build Smart platform was created in collaboration with the advertising agency Ruf Lanz. This distinctive presence was created through exciting interactions with advertisers, graphic artists, motion designers, web designers, and copywriters.

Build Smart connects the units of a building into a cohesive whole. The result: Increased comfort and energy efficiency thanks to these solutions.

Estana Project

1997 - today

Making music and composing is my passion. Even as a little boy, I was on the go with a cassette recorder and microphone, capturing sounds and noises.

Estana is my very personal music project as a creative complement to my job. Founded in 1997, with a few synthesizers and an old electric piano in a digital studio environment.

about me

I aim to use my talent in encouraging people profitably in a task that is meaningful for both humans and nature. Additionally, I aspire to contribute towards making Switzerland a model for innovation and sustainability beyond its well-known sectors.


What sets me apart

I am an enthusiastic and profound individual. I act with courage and determination, and am naive enough to turn even the wildest ideas into reality. I enjoy long-term projects and goals, engaging in them swiftly and with dedication – not as a firefighter, but as a reliable team player.

My working style is independent, self-taught, and solution-focused. As a doer and maker, I can achieve a lot with little. I represent a new generation that lives responsibility and needs purpose.

My Aptitude

My core competency lies in developing targeted, audience-appropriate, impact-oriented digital communication. I love interacting with stakeholders, serving as a mentor and enabler with emotional intelligence. I am fascinated by new technologies like speech recognition, robotics, or e-mobility. In the digital world, I am at home, utilizing Software as a Service.

Creatively Free

My workplace is wherever creativity fills the air. I enjoy being in nature, the forest, in coworking spaces, and with people: at places where life vibrates. Thanks to my MacBook, I am mobile. This makes it incredibly fun to move the world and people with smart ideas, language, and images.

Keep in touch

I am particularly excited about the prospect of interacting with you and am eager to learn more about our commonalities or potential collaboration.

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